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2012 History in practice: embedding employability in the humanities curriculum

Alison Twells

SHU’s commitment to providing work-related learning for all students has posed particular challenges for some non-vocational subjects, such as the Humanities. This paper explores the changing fortunes of the external work-related project in History, once part of a Level 6 Community History module which attracted a small but dedicated student following, and which has now been re-developed to deliver employability at Level 5 of the History programme. The paper will consider discipline-specific ways of developing employability and will review student feedback on the value of such modules, particularly in terms of developing skills and confidence, inspiring ideas for future fields of employment, and promoting a different sort of pride in and ownership of their work.

Presentation:  C4 FU06 History of Practice LTA ppt

C4 – (FU06, FU08, FU30, FU32) 14.20