Student engagement and attendance – Impact on LTA – A comparative study; SHU and BAC international finance collaborative awards

This session will be delivered by:

  • Glen Cookson – Collaborative Course Leader SBS – SHU
  • Sean Kemp – Module Leader SBS – SHU
  • Aubrey Mbewe – Portfolio Manager BAC
  • Cynthia GWEREMWEZHE CHAKAHWA (in absentia) – Course Leader BAC

Break-out session:

This presentation will explore the attainment of students at level 4 from SHU and BAC on the UG International Finance and Banking Course. The qualitative and quantitative data will be analysed in the context of how student engagement impacts on LTA to strive for a more inclusive student led approach to learning, teaching and attainment in summative assessments. The methodology takes the form of reflective practice from colleagues at SHU/BAC, comments from module evaluation questionnaires and an analysis of final module results to establish, “Does compulsory attendance and greater student engagement lead to higher performance from BAC students’ compared to their SHU counterparts?”.