Session 4: Teaching and Learning in off-campus spaces

  Session 4
15:00 – 16:00
 Title and presenter(s) Abstract information  On-line presentation Audio/video recording
A4 Placement-based learning

Room: Owen 1025 (capacity 90)

There’s nothing you won’t know, but you can’t know until you get there’
Alex McClimens & Heidi Cheung
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Meeting the needs of the local workforce beyond the physical campus – a visionary idea that became reality
Theresa Baxter & Myles Butler
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B4 Learning in international contexts

Room: Owen 1028 (capacity 110)

Which ID Number? SHU is 6000 miles away
Rebecca Peake & Melissa Jacobi
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Cultural studies to sport coaching in Spain – students co-present to share the development of their intercultural employability skills
Rachel Bower, Peter Jones & Rhys Simmonite
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C4 Work-based learning


Room: Owen 1029 (capacity 70)

An authentic approach to developing holistic graduates
Charmaine Myers
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Education without walls: accessible education for work-based professional practice
Ciaran Hurley , Sara Morris-Docker and Jo McNamara
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