Professor Norman Jackson, Conference Keynote 2014

Keynote – Professor Norman Jackson

Professor Norman Jackson

Norman Jackson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Surrey and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. In 2011 he founded the Lifewide Education Community, a not for profit social enterprise promoting and supporting the idea and practice of lifewide learning, education and personal development. These concepts were originally developed by the Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SCEPTrE) which he Directed between 2005-11. His meandering career in higher education led him from being a geology teacher/researcher to roles in policy, research, development and consultancy with a number of UK national bodies including Her Majesty’s Inspectorate,  Higher Education Quality Council, Quality Assurance Agency,  Learning and Teaching Support Network and Higher Education Academy.

His view of higher education has been shaped by the diverse perspectives these roles afforded. An important focus of his work over the last decade has been concerned with encouraging educational and personal practices that promote greater self-awareness of how and what we are learning. This work began with the development of policy for Personal Development Planning at QAA and through support for PDP implementation at HEA, and continued through his work at Surrey connected to the development of lifewide learning and most recently his work on lifewide education and learning ecologies.

A second focus has been the role of higher education in developing students’ creativity motivated by a belief that although creativity is important to tackling the complex problems we encounter and our personal sense of wellbeing, little attention was being paid to students’ creative development. This work was initiated through the Imaginative Curriculum Network supported by the LTSN and later the HEA and continued through his work at Surrey.  His views on creativity in the context of student development are elaborated in  ‘Developing Creativity in Higher Education: an imaginative curriculum’ Routledge. His most recent book ‘Creativity in Development’ progresses these ideas.

Most recently his focus has been on developing the idea and practice of lifewide learning and education motivated by the ‘wicked’ problem of how we help learners prepare themselves for their unpredictable and challenging future lives. The initial ideas and practices used at the University of Surrey are described in ‘Learning for a Complex World: a lifewide concept of learning, education and personal development’ Authorhouse. In 2011 he established the Lifewide Education Community to continue to develop ideas and practices relevant to this work  (see links below).

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