Learning and Teaching Exchange 2015

8 January 2015 – Learning and Teaching Exchange.
Theme: Using Learning Spaces to Actively Engage Students.

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About the day
This one day event had a very practical focus, looking at different ways of engaging students, using our physical and virtual spaces. The day incorporated sessions that shared some of the most innovative and inspirational academic practices from across the University – keynotes, workshops, debates, teachmeets and lots more.
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About this page
Presentations, videos, interviews and photos are available below. Please work down the page and click on the links provided. Or visit our youtube channel or our SlideShares page. If you want to find out more about Padlet, MOOCS, Scale-up, Twitter Chats etc then feel free to get in touch with the presenters via the twitter names provided.


Keynote – SCALE-UP Project
Jane McNeil, Director of Academic Development at Nottingham Trent University.
Jane is leading the first UK institutional, multi-disciplinary SCALE-UP project at NTU. SCALE-UP was pioneered by Professor Robert Beichner at North Carolina State University and uses a highly collaborative, technology-rich learning environment. The project at NTU is now in its second year, and has evaluated SCALE-UP across 37 pilots, in 13 subjects in levels 4 to 7. Learn what this initiative could offer SHU – for both tutors and learners.

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Mooting Court – Turning threats into opportunities

Liz Smart, Law.
How legal aid cuts and government target-setting has paved the way for the expansion of clinical legal education, with a focus on the Sheffield Combined Court Help Desk, and clinical legal provision at SHU: “Hallam Law” with “Hallam Justice” to be launched in September 2014.

Mooting Court 1


Workshop – Audio feedback
Michelle Blackburn, Organisational Behaviour & HR Management and Anne Nortcliffe, Computing @anortcliffe
Audio feedback describes spoken, recorded feedback and can promote student engagement and clarify detail. Examples shared will include audio feedback in project supervision, support for returning-to-study students, developing graduate spoken foreign language skills and engaging diverse students.
Presentation: https://prezi.com/pllvynye3kia/our-story-solutions-audio-feedback/

Workshop – Are pirates causing global warming? Causality and data handling in a SCALE-UP environment
David Fairhurst, Physics and Mathematics, Nottingham Trent University.
A flipped learning/SCALE-UP taster session in which we will be using technology to support interactive, group-led learning for large groups. No background knowledge of global warming, physics or pirates required.


TeachMeet – Session One

Name Title Slides Video
David Smith
Engaging employers with PBL SlideShare
Jane Foggin
The use of self; self-evaluation in teaching n/a
Mark Beachall Can a tapestry be a good essay? n/a
Sian Davies-Vollum Teaching offsite: student field experiences Whiteboard transcription
Mandy Brailsford & Debbie Clark
Bring it to life!
Augmented Reality in nursing
Rachel Firth & Kelly Snape
@rachelfirth1 @kelsnape
LinkedIn: reflect and connect SlideShare



Mooting Court – To spoon feed or not to spoon feed
Stella Jones-devitt – Centre for Leadership in Health & Social Care, Jackie Cawkwell – QE, Ann-Marie Steele – Centre for Leadership in H&SC
Mooting Court 2The Twenty Minute Debating Society: Engaging Students in Interactive Learning. The innovation lies in the flexible approach to communicating ideas; debates can utilise art, drama and comedy, offering opportunity for independent research, problem solving and can animate difficult and complex issues.


Workshop – Back to the future
Graham Holden, QESS. @GrahamJHolden

DSCF8286It is 2020 and you have the chance to travel back 5 years and offer your younger self advice on how to respond to future changes to learning and teaching. Where will you start and what do you wish you had known in 2015?

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Workshop – Engaging groups; How do you get students to speak?
Ashley Barnes, Performing Arts. @asbarnes67

DSCF8293So often we think about this in terms of blood and stones. Before working at SHU, Ashley Barnes ran a theatre company and often ‘jokered’ forum theatre events. This type of theatre relies on getting the audience to speak. In this session he will discuss and show how he has used his experience in his teaching at SHU

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TeachMeet – Session Two


Name Title Slides Video
Andrew Middleton
E Smart learning – future learning spaces SlideShare
Sara Morris-Docker Padlet in your teaching n/a
Sue Beckingham
Bite sized CPD #LTHEchat
Learning & Teaching in Higher Education weekly Tweet Chat
Luke Desforges
Student-produced videos as an assessment activity SlideShare
Peter Charlish Screencasting SlideShare
Brian Irwin & Helen Parkin
On-line marking practices n/a
David Eddy
SHU MOOC: enhancing prostate cancer care: First impressions – takeaway messages n/a


Workshop – Ready Steady Teach
David Smith, Biosciences. @dave_thesmith
An effective lecture is filled with intellectual excitement: them, you and the material…

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Workshop – Lectures as a two way street
Michelle Blackburn, Organisational Behaviour & HR Management.
This session encourages staff to bring along and use their smart phones so that they can understand how using Socrative (a free app) can help them to generate student engagement and interaction in lectures. The session is very practical and will offer an insight from an experienced user on the benefits and potential pitfalls of this approach.


Workshop – Recipe for a MOOC: Take the ingredients challenge
David Eddy, Radiotherapy and Oncology. @sonofedd

DSCF8346Using PebblePad to actively engage learners in the successful, first-ever SHU MOOC:Enhancing Prostate Cancer Care.
Read the recipe on SlideShare.

TeachMeet – Session Three

Name Title Slides Video
Jill LeBihan
Turning Tweets into stories with Storify n/a
Chris Hall Maximising success during induction SlideShare
Jean Harris-Evans Getting to know you n/a
Alex Robinson Interactive lectures using Socrative SlideShare
Alice Gladman
Using Padlet n/a


Workshop – Collaborative Design: Active lectures
Andrew Middleton, QESS. @andrewmid
Try the Curriculum Design Studio collaborative method and learn how to incorporate Active Lectures in your course.


Workshop – Assessment for learning in the classroom
Diane Burkinshaw, Sports.
Discover the value of AFL as part of your every-day practice and how to tweak your existing assessment tool-kit.

Workshop – Portfolio-based assessment

Christine O’Leary, Modern Languages.
With illustrative examples from practice and an exploration of possible advantages of using portfolio-based assessment.


TeachMeet – Session Four

Name Title Slides Video
Karen Soulby All aboard: The train station as a classroom n/a
Andrew Kirke PebblePad and 3D assessment SlideShare
Chris Corker & Sara Holland @ChrisCorker Taking students outside the classroom SlideShare
Fides Matzdorf Are you smart with your smartphone? n/a
Neil Cross CARD: A low-tech way of making lectures more active SlideShare
Keith Fildes The art of the academic poster SlideShare



Keynote – The Active Lecture
Ian Glover and Stuart Hepplestone.
An opportunity to experience an active lecture and consolidate the day’s learning, with a group debate and activities on a chosen L&T Exchange theme. A handful of technologies will be used in the session, along with advice on how similar activities could be used without technology. If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, please bring it along.

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Other Activities:

Social Media for Learning
All-day guidance and inspiration for using social media in your teaching, with byte-size activities between 12.00 and 14.00, with Helen Rodger, QE. @helenrodgerSHU

Space Competition
A chance to think about the classrooms in a new way! The challenge was simply to tell us how you would use this space, just as it is, to run the best teaching session of your life. The only things that could be added to the room are yourself, up to 30 students and whatever would fit in the box!
Take a look at the winning entries –  Room competition winners.pdf

Treasure Hunt
Need to stretch your legs and get some fresh air? Chris Hall, Media Arts and Communication, has designed a fun quiz for those who would like to explore the new accommodation and locale of Heart of the Campus. A map is available at the Registration Desk and should take about 30 minutes to complete. You can adapt this resource for an engaging orientation activity for your learners and colleagues who are new to SHU.

Academic poster display
Posters from a group assignment task on the PgCert LTHE, addressing an issue which was relevant to HE nationally or internationally, offered a critique of an aspect of the role of HE in society, had impact on learning and teaching and which was relevant to the subject areas of all group members.

Academic Publishers – SAGE Publications
DSCF8323WiSET film and posters

Pat Morton and Denise Eaton, Centre for Science Education, share examples of WiSET activities, and their impact, involving women students from across SHU in a range of STEM and built environment subject areas.DSCF8357

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