Learning & Teaching Conference 2014

Aiming High – Valuing Challenge in Teaching and Learning 2014

The papers, the presentations and the information about the CoLabs are available here. If you presented please send us your presentation, handouts and links so that we can build a useful resource out of the conference.

Invitation from Norman Jackson to all who attended the Learning & Teaching Conference

Are you interested in co-writing a chapter for an e-book ‘Creativity in Development’? The idea is to use the workshop approach to produce some short narratives and visual representations of personal/professional development processes and to use these to collectively evaluate the ecological dimensions of professional development. Everyone who contributes will be identified as a co-author.
If you would like to contribute in any way please contact me via the internal email in the first instance and I will forward your interest to Norman.
Andrew Middleton

The keynote slides and survey results are available from Norman Jackson’s website. A recording of the keynote will be made available here too.

Continue to follow up on and contribute to the conference on Twitter using the hashtag #SHULT14

Please give your feedback regarding the use of technology in teaching and what type of IT you think has the most potential for learning in the future. Please send your comments by emailing NewTechnology@shu.ac.uk: If there is any technology you’ve seen at SHU or have heard about at the conference that you would like to know more about, please tell us and we will be in touch.

Each year Sheffield Hallam University’s Learning and Teaching Conference encourages diverse participation, recognising the commitment and interests of academic staff and students at Sheffield Hallam University, partner organisations and other providers of higher education in the UK who share our commitment to excellent and challenging teaching.

We also enjoyed the participation of students, as both presenters and delegates, reflecting the importance of student partnership in academic innovation.

The conference theme

The conference theme of ‘Aiming High’ provided an opportunity to explore how teaching and learning thrive by setting high expectations. Within this theme the one day conference was organised around the following topics:

Academic innovation: creativity and innovation; currency and scholarship; academic peer support; excellent teaching in the lecture theatre; evaluating innovation; creative spaces for teaching; inspiring through assessment and feedback; valuing difference; excellent partnerships.

Inspiring and supporting students: staff-student interaction and collaboration; active learning; keeping students on task; renegotiating engagement; supporting excellent teaching; skill or literacy; communities of practice.

Fostering independence and peer support: student belonging; student transition; communities of practice; embracing diversity and challenge.

Technology changing the learning landscape: technology supported innovation; increasing access; redefining the classroom; mobile learning; social media; making connections; on the cutting edge.

The students’ view: defining excellence; enhancing the curriculum through staff-student co-production; student researchers; student conferences; using my technology my way; peer co-operation; students as partners.

We had a range of sessions ensuring the conference developed and shared practice in useful ways: short papers, mini ‘thunderstorm’ sessions, CoLab development workshops, posters and alternative contributions (e.g. a giant collage!).

We all began the day, following the keynote, by drawing our personal learning ecologies – these will be shared here as soon as we have phographed them all or received links to the online artefacts participants have produced.

Keynote – Professor Norman Jackson

Professor Norman Jackson

Norman Jackson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Surrey and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. In 2011 he founded the Lifewide Education Community, a not for profit social enterprise promoting and supporting the idea and practice of lifewide learning, education and personal development. These concepts were originally developed by the Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SCEPTrE) which he Directed between 2005-11. His meandering career in higher education led him from being a geology teacher/researcher to roles in policy, research, development and consultancy with a number of UK national bodies including Her Majesty’s Inspectorate,  Higher Education Quality Council, Quality Assurance Agency,  Learning and Teaching Support Network and Higher Education Academy.

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