International – Flexibility and innovation: the key to long-term, successful TNE collaboration?

This session will be presented by:

  • Dr Andy Price – Principle Lecturer D&S – SHU
  • Dr David Bowles – Principle Lecturer D&S – SHU
  • Dr Lisa Reidy – Head of International Recruitment D&S – SHU

Sheffield Hallam University has an on-going and successful TNE partnership with SCOPE, City University, Hong Kong. Provision focuses on the social sciences and has been running for 11 years, recruiting cohorts of 150-200 students. We present on the changing nature of this collaboration, in response to a dramatically shifting undergraduate market and UK-based changes in professional accreditation. We present on two specific developments: (1) a 1-year, flying faculty, top-up award moving to a full 3-year franchised degree; (2) the introduction of an innovative, accredited Masters degree, the first of its kind outside of the UK. These collaborative developments have required a change of delivery mode, expansion to new subject areas, diversification from undergraduate to postgraduate provision and external inspection by a professional body. We reflect on the challenges and gains experienced through this changing time, with reference to staff development, staff and student experience and course design.