Media Resources: Assessment Exchange – September 2015

On this page you will find photos, presentations, videos and audio recordings that were gathered at the Assessment Change event on 15 September 2015.  To listen to the mp3s later, right-click on the mp3 link and select “Save target as…” (on a PC) or “download linked file” (on a Mac).

The sessions throughout the day were broken down in to:
Quick-fire Presentations
Change Stories


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David Nicol: “Principles as discourse: A blueprint for transformational change in assessment”.
How do we embed new thinking in policies and in educational practices across a whole institution in ways that are informed and enhancing and not constraining?
You can see the slides on SlideShare or watch the presentation here:

Principles as discourse: A blueprint for transformational change in assessment (01:12:18). top

Quickfire Presentations
A range of quick fire presentations (between 10 and 20 minutes) from academics who have developed new techniques to enhance their practice. 

Presenters Title Slides Video Audio
Sue Beckingham Using Info-graphic presentations and peer feedback SlideShare YouTube mp3
Alison Purvis Using excel as a feedback tool Case study
YouTube mp3
Eddie Mighten & Diane Burkinshaw Transforming the experience of staff through assessment SlideShare YouTube mp3
Elizabeth Lye Creative assessment: interactive social media in assessment SlideShare YouTube mp3
Anne Nortcliffe, Andy Young, David Clegg, David Greenfield, Oliver Lewis Joining-up the course experience through artefact assessment SlideShare YouTube mp3
Lucian Tipi Using excel to provide assessment feedback to students – a journey of development SlideShare YouTube mp3
Teri-Lisa Griffiths & Shawna McCoy Innovative and authentic assessment Handout YouTube mp3
Giovanna Battiston & Diana Conheeney Cross-course collaboration to improve the assessment outcomes of International Business Management students: a case study SlideShare YouTube mp3
Martin Jones Live paint-overs and feedback SlideShare YouTube mp3
Lucian Tipi explains why he has attended the conference 
and explains the nature of his presentation (02:29)

Change Stories
A series of longer change stories (30 to 40 minutes) were also presented which went into more detail.

Presenters Title Slides Video Audio
Jill Dickinson & Teri-Lisa Griffiths Challenging the Challenges of Innovative Assessment – A Focus on Careers Development Learning SlideShare YouTube mp3
Christine O’Leary Aligning assessment & teaching for student learning within the curriculum n/a YouTube mp3
Simon Clark Grade-based assessment SlideShare YouTube mp3
Rachel Bower Audio feedback for employability skills in real world authentic assessment SlideShare YouTube mp3
Nicky Snowdon & Mel Lindley Using screencasting as a form of assessment on distance learning modules SlideShare YouTube mp3
Pat Day & Gayle Hazelby The use of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to assess skills in developing therapeutic relationships with clients through communication SlideShare YouTube mp3
Rachel Bower offers a précis of her presentation (0:50) top

Three shorter presentations, thematically linked, followed by a shared Q&A session

Presenters Title Slides Video Audio
Andrew Middleton Breaking through the surface – challenging superficial practice SlideShare     YouTube      mp3
Christine O’Leary The reason, purpose & suitability of various assessment  n/a
Hassun El Zafar, Education Officer, Hallam Union The student perspective on the purpose of assessment SlideShare
Jill Dickinson & Teri-Lisa Griffiths discuss their presentation, and the
positive impact of the conference on their work 

The workshops offered opportunities to develop new skills and to contribute to discussions on how to take a course-wide approach to assessment design.

Presenters Title Slides Video Audio
Alison Purvis Principles of Assessment n/a YouTube mp3
Diane Burkinshaw AFL in everyday practice n/a YouTube mp3
Graham Holden Connected Assessment SlideShare  Handout YouTube mp3
David Nicol Unlocking learners’ evaluative skills – A peer review perspective SlideShare YouTube mp3
Elizabeth Lye explains what she is hoping to get from the conference
and describes her presentation (01:32)

The day wrapped up with a plenary session comprising of a Q&A with David Nicol and delegates talking about what they would take away from the conference.

Further resources

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Journal article “Toward a Discourse-Centered Understanding of Organizational Change”