Long distance relationships can work! Supporting international top up degree students: Lessons learned by the SHU and our South East Asian Partnership

Rachael Woodcock, Elina Wu, Alton Au & Lester Kong

Parallel session 1, Short Paper 1.10

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Short Abstract
Using the ‘flying faculty’ model, the case study will explore the delivery of three top up degrees with our South East Asian Partner. The paper will focus on the importance of developing an effective partnership based on true collaboration and the lessons learned in how to support overseas based top up degree students.

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Detailed Outline
This case study will be of use to anyone exploring how to foster effective collaborative educational partnerships to ensure student success.

Exploring the ‘flying faculty’ transnational educational model, the case study based paper aims to share lessons learned by the Sheffield Hallam University and South East Asian partnership from the delivery of three business top up degrees since September 2012. Through the planned joint delivery of the paper with the South East Asian Partnership local Course Leaders, the sharing of key stories and learning from both partners will be explored.

Evidence will be drawn from a variety of sources such as:
• Student feedback
• Comparative student performance statistics
• SHU and South East Asian Partnership course team and tutor feedback

The paper will explore the importance of developing a transnational collaborative partnership that is based on true collaboration and mutual accountability to ensure student success, including the importance of:
• Developing a SHU/South East Asian Partner student community
• Developing a SHU/South East Asian Partner course team identity and community of practice
• Providing an integrated phased student induction and study skills support programme
• Maximising the benefits of ‘flying faculty’ – SHU staff face to face and on-going online relationships with students and the South East Asian Partnership team.
• Supporting the front line: Local tutor engagement and professional development opportunities

Recognition will also be given to Department of Service Sector Management for their support and guidance as a result of their collaborations with the South East Asian Partner since 2005.

The paper presented will not be final as it is intended that a final paper will be developed after the inclusion and consideration of 14/15 academic results and student feedback. It is intended that the final paper will contribute to the SHU academic community through the development of recommendations for future international collaborative partnerships.