Academic Advising : re-emergence of tutoring at SHU

Cathy Malone

Parallel session 3, CoLab 3.1

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Detailed Outline
In recent years there has been an increased interest in tutoring nationally, reflected in the recent initiatives by Centre for Recording Achievement and the establishment of a UK wing of NACADA (National Academic Advising Association). This move toward tutoring has emerged from research into the student experience (Thomas 2012, Kandiko & Mawer 2013, Kuh 2009) and can be seen as an attempt to address some of the pitfalls of modularisation.

Academic advising, tutoring, “student health checks” are attempts to systematically design into the curriculum holistic, student centred academic support. This workshop will examine how three different subject areas have met the challenge of embedding academic advice over three years.

This workshop will present three case studies followed by a panel discussion;

•   Academic Advising for Geography, Environment, Planning and Housing : Lynne Crowe
•   Academic Advising in SBS: Lynne Booth
•   Academic Advising in Business and ICT: Andy Hirst

It will provide an opportunity to explore together the some of the curriculum design challenges of designing a coherent academic advice program.
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