POSTER – Encouraging Effective use of Feedback/feedforward from Coursework by students and academic staff

Susan Campbell & Jane Gurman

Parallel session 2, Short Paper 2.5, POSTER

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Poster Outline
To encourage student and staff use of feedback we linked sequential and related assessments together (formative followed by summative) and required the feedback form from the first exercise to be submitted alongside the second assessment.  Staff used the first form to comment on improvements seen and the students engagement with the feedback give.  This should improve both student and staff appreciation of feedback in the assessment cycle.

Consistency of the format for returning written feedback on coursework has been in use within our department for some years.  Students are encouraged to comment on the feedback given and inclusion of all feedback forms are required within assessed skills modules.  The rational for feedback forms is to allow students to improve subsequent pieces of work.  Students rarely complete the reflective sections of these forms so we questioned whether they saw the links between different pieces of work.  To encourage use staff feedback we required students to resubmit their feedback sheets when they submitted a subsequent and related exercise.  Staff were encouraged to comment on the next feedback form if it were perceptible that students had acted on the feedback previously given and if their reflection was present.  We report responses to this enhanced process and any differences seen in student feedback forms in the skills portfolios this year compared to last…