Talking Poster: Kinetic typography promoting the first year of the BSc (Honours) Nursing programme (2014)

Sara Morris Docker, Carol Pollard, Barry Aveyard, K Warren, R Makin & Steve Florence

Our ‘talking poster’ is a way of representing a curriculum vision and student learning journey succinctly. The short animation uses ‘kinetic typography, voice, and photographs in combination to stimulate auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic senses. Its purpose was to aid dissemination of the curriculum vision and prospective student learning experience to all stakeholders involved in the education of preregistration Nursing (BSc (hons) Nursing 2013).

Within the context of the ‘Aiming High’ conference the authors wish to showcase the animation as if it were a static poster; however it will need to be suitably projected to be watched in real-time (2:31mins). The development of this animation exemplified three important educational features of the new curriculum. It takes full advantage contemporary information and media technologies, expresses the notion of learning being a life long journey and incorporates a true feeling of passion for the work of nursing.

The purpose of presenting this talking poster in this way is to share the experience, face to face with others, of how our course team solved the problem of explaining and disseminating our new curriculum structure and expected learning experience to a wide variety of stakeholders in a range of locations, quickly and effectively. It has already been successfully utilised in the form of single and continuous feed presentations locally. At the conference the authors wish have the opportunity to discuss and further evaluate its development, purpose and impact with fellow conference attendees as they view it.