3.3 Can a Tapestry be a good essay?

If what I propose were true You would be reading a drawing in this section.

The fact that I do not have the confidence to place a drawing in this space says something of the state of academic practice and its relation to other disciplines. May I challenge you to defend why I feel I cannot draw my outline (pun intended) May I challenge you to paint your response? If this seems absurd because you are not a painter nor do you think in paint, consider why someone who does must think and write in this literacy. To consider that a bundle of A4 paper is the only form that academic output can take may be founded on century’s of established practice, but may be as founded in tradition as much as in reason. For a potter a vessel may contain ideas as much as it may contain fluids, For a painter a painting can be a repository for reason. The production of an artefact created within the norms of a discipline is the result of a process of reasoning akin to that of the formal essay. If it is reasonable to believe that literacy’s other that language can carry and communicate meaning as well as academic writing, what then are the implications?

Data Representation is a growing field. In an environment where ideas are based on data of such complexity as to be ungraspable by the mind we turn to symbolic representation of the data. Traditionally words and symbols suffice to carry meaning but in the world of big data we turn to images to mediate our understanding. Language fails. If we accept that other literacy’s may be not only valid but appropriate forms for academic thinking, can we as academics employ them?  Can a tapestry be a good essay?