3.2 Making inclusive practice just teaching practice.

Have you ever wondered why the principle of Inclusive Practice in Learning Teaching and Assessment (LTA) is so widely supported by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), this University’s Corporate Plan and LTA Strategy and indeed, according to research carried out in 2009[1], by over 90% of Sheffield Hallam University academic staff and yet in spite of this high level support, so little extensive change occurs in practice? This Co-lab workshop will begin by outlining the process by which widespread inclusive practice changes were identified and agreed for one particular module in the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing. It will move on to examine the barriers that were raised and overcome whilst designing and implementing the changes throughout the duration of the module. Finally, based on the evidence of interviews with academic staff and students following completion of the module, we can show how fears went unrealised and how real benefits accrued. The collaborative workshop element will then attempt to model this same process using attendees own subjects and contexts to achieve practical take-away outcomes for future change innovation. Support for the process will be offered to varying levels of input, but attendees will be encouraged to act on their own initiative. Further, it will enable attendees to use the model learned to act as champions for change within their own subject areas and departments and work collaboratively or through peer support to extend the benefits further.