The student view on Peer Assisted Learning (2014)

Cathy Pink, Jake Ledger, Sherin Rajan, Philip Watson & Jack Wordsworth

This year a Peer Assisted Learning programme was piloted within ACES on Computer Network Engineering whereby 2nd year students facilitated regular PAL sessions with 1st year students.  From a Faculty perspective, the programme aimed to build a sense of belonging amongst participants, support academic skill development and ultimately raise attainment.  Ongoing evaluation will provide evidence as to whether the initial aims of the programme were met with regards to 1st year students.  However, there are also many outcomes for the students who deliver peer support and there has been less focus on this aspect.  This session provides a practical overview as to what is involved in delivering a peer support scheme, gives 2nd year students a chance to voice their experiences and explain what they believe the value of this type of approach can be.