“Presenting Yourself Positively” – building confidence in verbal and non-verbal communication skills (2014)

Paddy Turner

It is axiomatic that the verbal and non-verbal communication of ideas, concepts and knowledge is a vital component of all our lives whether you are a member of staff or a student. It is fundamental to teaching and the engagement of students, it is an assessed skill in most courses, is highly regarded by employers[1] and yet at the same time identified as a skill-set often missing in graduates[2]. In spite of this, there is very little opportunity to develop these skills either as a student, as a tutor or as a staff member.

This session will discuss the variety of practical teaching components and exercises built up over the last two years of successfully delivering sessions to students and staff across a wide range of courses and environments: from post-grad biomedical science to level 4 graphic design, from maths teachers to physiotherapists. This is not about effective use of PowerPoint but is about practical steps and strategies for feeling and appearing more confident, for engaging your audience and for communicating clearly. It is rooted in the skills learned as a professionally trained and working actor and as a sign language interpreter.