2012 Supporting students with appropriate placement patterns

Tony Cowell and Sue Cordell

This Thunderstorm session will focus on a discussion comparing and contrasting the placement patterns adopted in different areas of teacher education and the potential impact this has on student learning and professional development.

The presenters will outline the different patterns used in the secondary (11-19) and post compulsory (16+) areas of teacher education at SHU. They will consider the impact these patterns have on potential ‘Futures’ preparing students for an ever changing work environment. The many changes in the sector such as a move to school based teacher education,  academies and their impact on the curriculum, and changes in the post 16 landscape have led to an ever increasing divergence in potential employer expectation and context, yet this can be juxtaposed against a potential convergence of the new 14-19 opportunities in education with developments like the University Technical Colleges, where post compulsory and secondary education will become blurred. Where do our students fit into this landscape? 

Clearly this issue is not just one limited to teacher education. In many areas of the university students are involved in placements with partners who have differing understandings of the nature of the academic, professional and vocational relationships such courses must balance. We would like to invite to the discussion anyone involved in placing students in work related contexts and will explore positives and negatives of the models raised. We will consider a range of issues such as; How do we develop placement patterns to give equity of opportunity for employability? Which placement patterns provide ‘Engagement’ for our students? Which placement patterns allow a development of understanding enabling students to link their learning at university to that on placement? The session is a potential start point for possible research in the future.

C4 – (FU32, FU06, FU08, FU30) 14.20