2012 Information skills target the job market

Claire Abson, Jo Dobson, Emma Finney and Deborah Harrop

This poster will address one important aspect of the ‘futures’ conference theme and is aimed at academic staff, support staff and external customers.  Studying for a degree develops a student’s understanding and knowledge of their subject, but it is the underlying skills they acquire that make them an attractive employee. 

The information seeking and research skills they develop are part and parcel of these very marketable graduate attributes but often they are not explicit, and staff outside LIS are not always clear on the work we undertake with students that is crucial in developing these skills.  The poster will highlight the skills we focus on, how we structure our teaching to develop them and how they fit into the attributes that professional bodies and prospective employers are looking for. 

We will use feedback from the conference, which we will gather in a variety of ways, to develop the poster to re-use with academic and support staff via faculty events and other forums.  For example, we would use a QR code to link to feedback questions via Google docs.  We will also envisage using the final version with students/prospective students/their parents, e.g. at Open Days, through contact with other SLS colleagues in the Careers Service.

(FU20) 14.00