2012 Getting the most out of library resources: what are your student expectations and how we can work with you to meet them

Claire Abson and Linda Purdy

The co-lab will consider students’ expectations of library resources, drawing on evidence from surveys, focus groups and feedback from staff student meetings. Evidence suggests students expect lecturers to recommend resources and for those resources to be available via the library. 

The co-lab  will then go on to explore the potential benefits of a resource lists and consider best practice to ensure students gain maximum benefits. We will work with attendees to consider the structure and organisation of the list, the terminology used to categorise materials, and the range of resources which could be included. 

The co-lab will draw on examples of good and poor practice and the output from discussions will feed in to development work in LIS, who are currently engaged with procuring and implementing new reading list management software.

Powerpoint presentation: Getting the most out of your library

(A1 – EX21) 11.00