2012 Evidencing a learner centred approach to teaching

Sarah Jolley and Simona Pantiru

Evaluating teaching, learning and assessment methods at module-level is essential, particularly in enhancing academic quality.  However, module evaluations are usually designed and conducted by the University to serve their own purpose of maintaining Academic standards and do not consider student involvement in the research process.  In our project, students were appointed as researchers to gather student perceptions on a large module in the area of sociology.  This module was recently revalidated and it incorporated an applied approach towards teaching research methods after feedback from previous years.  This paper will present initial findings from this ongoing study. 

The research has taken a mixed-methods approach. This encompassed an online survey questionnaire that has been distributed to all 467 first-year students on the module.  To accompany this quantitative data, focus groups were organized for richer, in-depth data to inform positive change on the development of the module. 

The findings of this work will benefit both staff and students.  It offers an opportunity for teaching staff to reflect on our research findings and their own academic practice.  It offers an opportunity for students to feedback on their own student experience at module level to enhance the quality of teaching and assessment of the module for future cohorts.   It also allows student-researchers to gain knowledge of the practicalities of action research methodology and evaluation research through taking part in the project.

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