2012 Enhancing international students engagement: visual approaches in interpreting business messages

Rui (Kitty) Su, Suzana Pavic and Michael Mathews

Visual approaches can interpret the meaning into imagery that international students may easier understand the business modules. Language problems may challenge international students in academic and oral communication in English. This research is based on one Master level module entitled ”Sector Industry Analysis”, and the pilot study is selecting one seminar group with 16 international students. The data has been collected from the results of seminar activities, students’ feedback, and tutor’s peer review. Four visual approaches, including comments feedback, imitation, drawing competition and video quiz, are used to training international students’ writing, speaking, reading and listening ability. Visual approaches do not only deal with the language problems, but they also can explore business understanding and employability for international students. It tries to enhance international student engagement into teaching and learning process.

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