Service introduction videos

Team: Directorate-wide


There was a lack of understanding between services of exactly what each service does. This resulted in confused communications between teams and students being bounced between multiple teams before they were sent to the correct one. For staff starting the directorate it could also be difficult to understand what each team does. Most of the communications we have for teams focuses on information students need to know about the service rather than what staff need to know about the service.


This project involved the filming and editing of short 2 minute videos of each service. These were recorded using the multimedia kits that we have in the directorate and then edited using Adobe Premiere.  The videos will be used in multiple places where a staff focused description of the service is needed. We kept these videos to 2 minutes long to fit in with the concept of micro learning.

Business Relationship Managers

Disabled Student Support

International Experience

Library Learning and Teaching Support

Library Research Support

Library Resources

Library Support

Management Services


Student Help

Student Funding and Access Support

Student Wellbeing – coming soon



The videos will be rolled out later in 2017.


Future developments

Some of the footage we recorded we would like to use to convert into longer videos for use. Equally, for some we would like to republish with changes for a different audience