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Can I borrow a laptop?There are a variety of options

self service laptops for use in libraries only

library loan laptops available to borrow with your SHUcard. You can borrow one for 24hrs or 7days

Chromebooks - for use in libraries only

Smart locker laptops - 3 hour loan, available in Cantor, Heartspace (Owen level 2), Heart of the campus
Borrowing a laptop

Smart locker laptops

How do I print?

Borrowing AV equipment

Try this new service Borrow a Chromebook
Can I bring my children into the library?Mums, Dads and carers are welcome to bring children with them at any time (books, paper and pens are available for them during school holidays)Can I bring my children into the libraries?
Can you text us to let us know when books haven't renewedThis new service is now available

Books not renewed? We'll text you an alert!
Borrowing from the libraries on shuspace
How can I improve my academic skills?

There aren't enough skills sessions
Take a look at the Bridge on shuspace.

You can access a range of small group Forums (4 students) to discuss your work or attend small group Workshops to develop your skills. For details of sessions and to book, see the Bridge website.

We are offering a new skills programme at Collegiate
Academic Skills sessions and workshops available on The Bridge
How do I get IT help?At IT Help Points
How can I get IT Help? on shuspace

Library Helpdesks can help with understanding shuspace/blackboard, file storage locations/options etc
How do I get library help?Self-service

online chat 24/7
phone 0114 225 3333 24/7
kiosks (level 4 in Adsetts and ground floor at Collegiate)


library Helpdesks Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm (during term time)
roving service Mon to Fri 11am to 3pm (during term time)
Library Help on shuspace
I need help finding booksSomeone will always try to help you - visit the Helpdesk, ask roving staff and security staff can help you over nightLibrary services on shuspace

Library opening hours


How do I return a book?

Requesting a book

Distance learner support

Journal articles and books unavailable at SHU
I need somewhere quiet to work In Adsetts

Level 2 - silent study room
Level 4 - quiet study room

At Collegiate

Ground floor - quiet study room
1st floor - quiet study room
1st floor - silent study room
Get in touch with us to report any issues or alternatively report them to staff at the Reception desk who are available 24/7

Book a PC

Borrowing a laptop

Libraries offer a variety of study spaces
I'd like to get hot water or a hot drinkYou can now get free hot water 24/7 from the cafes for you to fill up your water bottles, flasks and snacks.

There are new vending machines in both libraries
Where can I eat on campus?

Where are the vending machines?
I'm having trouble accessing library resources off campusSometimes there are 'glitches' with services however the key thing to remember when studying off campus is that you need to login via shuspace and then go to the Library GatewayLog into shuspace then go to the Library Gateway

IT Help

Library Help
It's hard to find a PC with specialist softwareThe best thing to do is check the software list, you can see what's available and where to find itSoftware list

Free and discounted software

Book a PC or meeting room

Find a free PC
Some PCs are slow to log in or there is a faultPlease help us by reporting any PC that is slow to login or is faulty.

Remember to tell us where you are!
IT Help on shuspace

Library Help on shuspace

Spare mice and keyboards are available from the Helpdesks
Sometimes it can be noisy in the silent/quiet study areasWe understand how important these areas are to you and need your help to keep silent areas silent!

Between 9am - 5pm you can report any disturbances via online chat

Comments are passed to security who will go and walk round the reported area and talk to anyone if necessary.

Between 5pm and 9am (and any other time if you prefer), please report any disturbances directly to security at Reception desks. They are available 24/7

Libraries offer a variety of study spaces
Sometimes the libraries look a mess or something is broken or out of orderDomestic teams start at 6am, they do the most important/noisy jobs such as hoovering and cleaning the toilets before the building gets busy. The rest of the building is cleaned in sections

There isn't sufficient time to do the whole library each day so they do one area one day and another the next etc

The domestics don't like to disturb students who are studying in order to clean, so generally clean round them.

The routine can therefore be a bit hit and miss depending on how many people are in the building.

Please help by putting your litter in the bins and leave areas tidy for the next person

Also let us know if you find anything damaged or broken

Get in touch with us to report any mess, or broken equipment. Alternatively report it to staff at the Reception desk who are available 24/7.

Screen and keyboard wipes are available at Reception desks

The keyboards are dirtyBoth library Receptions have keyboard and screen wipes for you to use if you need to Get in touch with us to report any issues or alternatively report them to staff at the Reception desk who are available 24/7
The libraries can be too cold or too hotAdsetts is open plan so it's always going to be warmer/cooler on higher/lower floors so try a different floor.

There is an ongoing issue on level 2 that is being investigated.

At Collegiate try an alternative room/area
Get in touch with us to report any issues or alternatively report them to staff at the Reception desk who are available 24/7
There aren't enough PCs in the libraries

How do I find a PC I've booked?
Libraries are only one place you can use PCs

Other places include faculty buildings, social areas and cafes eg Charles Street, the Post Office, Cantor, EMB, the Atrium, Heart of Campus, Robert Winston Building, Saunders

Have you thought about borrowing a laptop?

At Collegiate there are silver labels next to all PCs - on desks or desk dividers which correspond to PC numbers in the booking system MyPC. This work will happen during summer 17 at Adsetts.

We're working to introduce maps into MyPC so you can view locations as you book. Hopefully this work will take place during summer 17
Try to use a PC out of peak hours 5pm - 10am

During relaxed times (5pm - 7am) MyPC doesn't automatically cancel a booking if the person who has booked it doesn't log in. Please use the out of hours chat NorMAN to report if this happens.

Find a free PC

Book a PC

Extending PC bookings

Borrowing a laptop

Smart locker laptops

Campus maps

Libraries offer a variety of study spaces
There aren't enough booksPopular books together with budget and space mean we'll never have enough copies for everyone.

However we...
buy e-books if they are available
keep a reference copy
buy loanable copies to match student numbers

Sometimes we simply haven't predicted demand for a particular title but we do buy additional copies as quickly as possible.
If all copies of a book are out on loan you can request a book

When you find a title on Library Search check to see if there's an e-book version.

If there's a book you think you need, talk to your tutor, the library may be able to purchase it.
Alternatively Suggest a purchase on shuspace
There aren't enough meeting roomsIn Adsetts there are 23 meeting rooms

At Collegiate there are 9

Some staff will be moving out of offices in Adsetts, meaning more meeting rooms will be available, we'll tell you when
Try to use a PC out of peak hours 5pm - 10am

Book a PC, meeting room or group table
What referencing style should I be using?APA is the main referencing style for the majority of students.

There are free tools and apps to help you reference correctly.

2016/17 continuing students can still use SHU Harvard.

2017/18 all students will need to be using APA unless your tutor has asked you to use a different style such as OSCOLA
Help with Referencing on the Library Gateway or talk to your tutor

Academic Skills sessions and workshops available on The Bridge

RefME online will be changing to Cite This For ME. If you have been using the free online tool and app RefME to help you with your referencing, the changes will affect you, please read our blog post SHU Library Hacks
Where can I find a water fountain?In Adsetts you'll find them on levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

At Collegiate the fountain is behind the cafe area, near the vending machines

They are next to cold water inlet pipes which are fixed throughout the buildings.
Where can I eat on campus?

Where are the vending machines?

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