Looking after you

Coping with exam stress – Looking after you!

Get to know yourself

  • Don’t compare yourself to other people
  • Identify what time of day YOU work best and stick to it
  • Remind yourself of YOUR long term goals
  • Do not attempt to work for too long before having a break (time will vary for each individual)

Look after your overall wellbeing

  • Be kind to yourself – learn to say ‘no’ to other making demands on your time it’s likely to be urgent for them and not for you!
  • Make sure that you plan to add in a pleasurable activity after you work session – it’s all about balance!
  • Eat well and include foods that are rich in Magnesium, Vitamin B3, Zinc such as fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and pulses – Check out our ‘Recipes to Feed Your Mind’ page!
  • Exercise regularly – go for a walk – have a change of scenery!
  • It really is OK to ask other people for help!

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