Specialist Study Skills

Would you like to develop your study skills?  We have a new service for students with learning differences and disabilities, like dyslexia.
Go to The Bridge website to browse and book on our list of workshops.
Who is this for?
It’s for any student who has a learning difficulty or disability, e.g. dyslexia. You don’t need to provide additional medical evidence, you just need to have declared your disability to the University.
What is on offer?
Small-group workshops and individual tutorials can help you learn how to study effectively and develop new strategies that suit the particular way you learn.
You can learn how to write better assignments, plan and manage your time more effectively, and be more confident in how to approach your studies.
In the group sessions, you will have the opportunity to share ideas and resources with other students who have similar needs to you, or you can talk through your individual needs in a tutorial.
All sessions are run by specialist tutors who understand how learning difficulties and disabilities can impact on studying.  We have lots of experience in helping students find out what works best for them.
Where are the sessions?
Sessions are available at both Adsetts and Collegiate Libraries.
How do I get support from you?
You need to tell us about your learning difficulty or disability if you haven’t already.  The easiest way to tell us is to register with Disabled Student Support http://msr.shu.ac.uk and click on ‘Disability Support’.   You will be prompted to provide evidence and given further information about additional support from Disabled Student Support, but all you need to do to access our service is to make sure that you choose a disability in the registration even if you don’t have any evidence at the moment.  You can get help with this at the Disability Drop In.
You also need to register with Unihub.  If you’re unsure about how to do this please go to the Student Helpdesk.