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Understanding Diversity
Whatever your religious faith and beliefs, and even if you are not religious at all, we are inviting you to join in this exciting new venture by the University’s Multi-faith Chaplaincy.
‘Understanding Diversity’ is aimed at promoting mutual learning, understanding and respect amongst people of all faiths and beliefs, as well as those who have no religious adherence.
The procedure used is known as ‘tandem learning’.  Participants choose a faith or belief system which they wish to learn more about and are paired with another participant who wishes to learn more about their faith or beliefs.  The pair arrange to meet a certain number of times – we suggest for a total of 2 to 4 hours.  They choose what areas they would like to talk about and share, but we will offer guidance.  At all times participants show respect for each other’s beliefs and practices and avoid challenging or disputing them.
The Chaplaincy will host an ‘Understanding Diversity Coffee and Cake Meeting’ on October 24th for all participants at the start of the project and an ‘Understanding Diversity Celebration’ at the conclusion on December 5th.
If you would like to take part in this venture please let us know by contacting the chaplaincy before October 12th and we will send you further details.


Roman Catholic Mass
Mass will be celebrated by our Roman Catholic Chaplain, Fr. Lee Marshall on Holy Days of obligation in the Multifaith Centre Social Space.  The next Mass will be on All Saint’s Day, Friday 1st November at 12.30pm.  Refreshments available after the service.


Faith in our City
Join the chaplaincy from Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield as we are hosted by religious places of worship in Sheffield; free transport (or directions) available.


Upcoming visits
Wednesday 9th October, 7- 8.30pm, Mosque visit.  Meet outside the HUBS at 6pm or at Medina Mosque at 6.15pm.  Medina Mosque 24 Wolseley Rd, Sheffield S8 0ZU.
Wednesday 27th November, 6.15- 8pm, Gurdwara visit.  Meet outside the HUBS at 6pm or at Attercliffe Gurdwara at 6.15pm.  Warren St, Sheffield S4 7WT.

Chaplains and Faith Advisers

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