Meet the Team

Hello, we’re Student Wellbeing, here to offer confidential support and advice for personal and emotional issues that are having an impact on your studies, work and life.

Andrea Baker
I am one of the Student Wellbeing Practitioners in the Student Wellbeing Service, and I am an Occupational Therapist registered with the HCPC (Healthcare Professions Council). My background is in mental health, having previously worked as an Occupational Therapist within a Community Mental Health Team. I have worked at Sheffield Hallam in various support roles since 2008. I am relatively new to this team, and I love working within a team of people who are passionate about supporting students who are facing difficulties, as well as promoting and celebrating diversity and challenging stigma. My specialist area of interest is working with people with autism and mental health difficulties.

Outside of work, I am a keen crafter, and love to create crochet blankets as well as spending time with family.

Patricia Collins
As Student Wellbeing Service & Project Co-ordinator I manage the operational side of our service as well as our marketing and communications across the University. I’ve had a varied career but have always worked in the education sector in one guise or another, at home and abroad, both as an academic and administrator.

I try to bring the best parts of my learning and experience to the work I do and I enjoy my job because it’s so varied. The best part is that it routinely feels like you are making a difference in helping the students and staff who come to our service.

I love travelling in Britain or abroad but when I’m at home my favourite things are catching up with friends over long, leisurely meals and visiting wild, open spaces.

Kate Cowell
I am a Wellbeing Practitioner, and have a social work background. I have been at SHU for 9 years, first as a mental health coordinator in Disabled Student Support before joining Student Wellbeing in 2011. I really enjoy working alongside students as they make their way through the ups and downs of their time here at SHU, trying to support them to develop resilience and a sense of belonging.

With my colleague Hylda, I act as link advisor for students who are care leavers. I also support my colleague Sue in her liaison role with the Faculty of ACES. It is great being part of a team committed to challenging the stigma which still attaches to mental health, while also promoting common sense ideas such as the Five and Ten Ways To Wellbeing (see photo!).

Outside work, I would describe myself as a dabbler in lots of things, and expert in none. Give me a good book or film, and time with friends, or a spot of gardening or a political debate, and I’m happy. And am trying to keep up the challenge of walking to work as winter approaches.

Jan Gurung
I am a Wellbeing Practitioner in the team and a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I have worked at SHU in the Counselling Service and now Student Wellbeing since 2009. As well as face-to-face counselling, I am a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a business Coach . I deliver study skills sessions for Student Wellbeing and emotional wellbeing training for ACES. I have a special interest in working with trauma.

Outside of my university work I enjoy cycling, swimming and running with my family along with arts and crafts. I enjoy Saturday morning ‘park run’ competitions and have entered my first 10 km run. I also fund raise for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Dr Delroy Hall
I am one of the Student Wellbeing AdvisorsPractitioners at Student Wellbeing and have worked at SHU for many years. In my previous jobs I worked as a BT telephone engineer before embarking on counselling and psychotherapy. For me, training and being involved in counselling and psychotherapy opened up a world of previously unknown possibilities.

I love the work I do and I am committed to the holistic well-being of people. I am interested in human resilience and how people survive and recover from difficult circumstances. My doctoral thesis examined the effects of protracted periods of violence and its impact on human psychology and behaviour.

Outside of SHU I design, conduct and facilitate workshops/seminars on personal development and other aspects dealing with human relationships. I lead an busy life outside of the university and I am on the cusp of training for my first triathlon. I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time I was bored.

Sam Hope
I am a wellbeing practitioner and a BACP Accredited counsellor, with a masters in trauma studies. My particular experience lies in working with people who have experienced abuse (as children or adults) or people who have experienced oppression due to being in a marginalised group. I have also spent much of my career counselling in education.

I am passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion. I am a member of Signal, the staff LGBT network and use they/them pronouns. Outside of work I am into community organising, writing, hiking, and chilling out with my 3 cats.

Annie Kemball
I am a Wellbeing Practitioner working with students who already have or are seeking a diagnosis in relation to mental health difficulties. I am passionate in my belief that students with difficulties should be supported to realise their full learning potential.

In my spare time I like to be outdoors, either in the garden or walking in the countryside or near to the sea. I have been practising yoga for the last 20 years, which is essential in helping me to maintain physical and psychological balance and I have a strong interest in mindfulness.

Ursula Klingel
I am the Head of Student Wellbeing and manage the team. My background is in mental health social work and management and I have worked at SHU since 2009.

I helped to set up the Student Wellbeing team in 2011 and have really enjoyed working with the team to make the service what it is today. We are continually improving and finding ways to offer support that is relevant, useful and practical to give students skills for making the most of their time at SHU and beyond!

My interests in and outside of work are about understanding people, working co-operatively and respecting our environment. I am a regular cyclist, enjoy yoga and love animals – will offer to pet-sit anytime! I am also a member of SIGNAL, the LGBT staff network.

Ian Maher
I am the Multifaith Chaplaincy Co-ordinator and University Chaplain, and have worked at SHU since 2006. My role is to provide pastoral support for students and staff of different faiths and none, and help to ensure that the religious and spiritual needs of all who study and work here are met within the context of the university. I am also a senior advisor within the Student Wellbeing team.

I have been involved in Christian ministry for over 25 years and I am ordained as a priest in the Church of England.

Outside the university I am part of the clergy team at Sheffield Cathedral. Regarding my hobbies, I am a keen road-runner with nine marathons completed, an avid reader, passionate about film, and a lover of coffee shops. I have also shaken hands with a man who has walked on the moon.

Susan (Sue) Marshall
I am a Senior Counsellor and Wellbeing Practitioner in the Student Wellbeing Service. I am an accredited member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and member of BACPUC (Universities and Colleges Division), Lapidus (Writing for Wellbeing) and SEA (Society of Existential Analysis).

I have worked at SHU since 2002 and as well as offering 1-1 sessions, also oversee our workshop and group work programme. I am committed to exploring and raising awareness of the relationship between our emotional and psychological experience with learning and Uni life. I have a keen professional and personal interest in how people come to make sense of their experiences and face adversity in their lives. I also think working with art, film, and writing can help us therapeutically. I am currently Faculty lead for ACES, alongside colleague Kate Cowell.

Outside of work I love going to see films, exhibitions, theatre, rummaging at a vintage fair, sitting in coffee shops with a book and striding out on to the moors as often as possible!

John Masters
I am a Wellbeing Practitioner in the team and a Senior Accredited Counsellor with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I have worked at SHU in the Counselling Service and now Student Wellbeing since 2001. As well as face-to-face counselling, I deliver email counselling and have a special interest in mindfulness.

Outside of work, I like travelling to interesting (and preferably hot) places and learning other languages. I love playing music and have played various instruments over the years. My current passion is flamenco guitar with a bit of flute for variation.

Mary McCabe
I am a Wellbeing Practitioner at the Student Wellbeing Service and offer both wellbeing and mental health appointments. Outside SHU, I work as a counsellor in the NHS. I’m a great believer in the value of helping students improve their general wellbeing, as well as the need for counselling, mental health and chaplaincy services. If this service had existed when I was a student I would have used it!

Outside work I try and maintain my wellbeing by swimming, dancing and walking, going to coffee shops, enjoying the beautiful countryside near Sheffield, being with family and friends (and my cat!), reading novels, being creative and practising Mindfulness and Christian meditation.

Jozef Sen
I am a Wellbeing Practitioner and Registered Counsellor with the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy). I have worked at SHU since 2012 as a Lecturer, Supporter of Learning, and most recently joining the Student Wellbeing Team. As well as face-to-face counselling and support, I also coordinate the Group work & workshop offer within the service. My areas of interest are ‘wellbeing’ and academia, group therapy, and gender. I have been involved in Lecturing/Teaching and supporting Learners in Further & Higher Education for a number of years and I have worked as a counsellor within a number of different settings including the NHS, Universities, charitable organisations and, Forensic settings.

Hylda Taylor-Smith
I am one of the Wellbeing Practitioners at Student Wellbeing. I am also a trained and accredited counsellor with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I have been working at SHU since 2000, first the SHU Counselling Service and now Student Wellbeing.

My background is in careers and youth work until I changed career path and trained as a counsellor. I have also worked in local government around developing projects providing opportunities for training and employment to diverse local communities in Sheffield.

I enjoy working in educational context and I have a strong commitment to principles of equality, social justice and diversity. I enjoy watching films, listening to music and walking in the countryside. I’m interested in style and fashion, current affairs and psychology.

Philip Teale
I’m a Wellbeing Practitioner working as a Counsellor and Mental Health Advisor in Student Wellbeing at SHU. I also work as a Relate Counsellor and until recently I worked for a mental health charity with adults with serious mental health problems. I love my work at SHU, the contact with students and staff and the opportunity to help them get the best from their time here when things become more complicated or difficult, whether it’s helping students to get the practical support that’s available to them at the university or outside it, problem solving, putting painful life experiences into a more manageable context or exploring the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.

In my life outside work I try to put my ideas about the importance of creativity for good emotional health into practice – I take photographs, occasionally write (I have self-published a novel), write music, read lots, love films, especially foreign language films, speak several languages, have recently done lots of DIY (badly, but with satisfaction) and watch documentaries about art and architecture. I occasionally even go outside and walk on the moors near where I live.

Andrea Waller
I am a Wellbeing Practitioner supporting students with mental health difficulties. I feel very privileged in my role to share some of the student’s journey through University and life in general.
I have worked at SHU for 11 years, originally as a Mental Health Co-ordinator in the Disabled Student Support Team.

I feel very positive about being part of the Wellbeing Service – celebrating diversity and tackling discrimination and stigma. As well as providing 1:1 support, I deliver the ‘Being Effective Under Pressure’ workshop. My special areas of interest are domestic violence and abuse and self-harm.

I appreciate and thrive on the simple things in life.