Make Working From Home Work For You

With the sudden transition to working from home for both staff and students at SHU, it can be hard to know how to work well and not burn out in your new ‘office’.

So we’ve compiled our top tips for working from home to help you get through this period & make the most out of working from home (sorry, we have no tips to help deal with your new ‘work colleagues’) and remember:


1 – Get Dressed

Yes, we love sitting in our pyjamas all day as much as the next person but getting out of the clothes we associate with sleep can help you mentally prepare for the day.

This can be simply changing into jeans and a t-shirt or formal workwear. Whatever works for you.

Plus, it stops you getting caught in the adorable pyjamas your Grandmother bought you last Christmas on an unexpected zoom call.


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2 – Set Your New Working Hours

If you have set hours for your workplace aim to get up and get ready for the time you normally would.

And, if you are a student set yourself times to work and times to relax or do other activities (napping).

This way you’re less likely to procrastinate or burn yourself out from working too long.

You should also make sure you are giving yourself breaks, lunchtime and space away from your computer.

And, at the end of your set working day, switch off your computer and tidy your workspace up ready for the next day.


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Of course, working from home looks different for everyone. For further advice on working from home with children visit



3 – Get Outside (If You’re Not Self Isolating)

A thirty-minute walk on your lunch break can give you a different perspective on your work and help undo any mental blocks.


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If you’re not in a position to go outside, changing rooms, doing gentle stretches or even taking time out to have a tea break can give you fresh eyes on a piece of work and lower stress levels.



4 – Have a Conversation

When you’re at work or in university you have space to chat with colleagues and other students.

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However, at home, you can easily go a full day without talking to another person.

Taking 30 minutes to talk to a colleague, a friend or family member keeps the social connection in a place that can be easily lost through talking via email and text all day.

Bonus points if you do it with a custom Zoom background. 


5 – Create Your Workspace


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Creating your workspace is important to avoid bad posture and distractions, and help you stick to a good work-life balance. 

If you haven’t got a desk or even a dressing table you can use as a desk, try making your dining room table into your new ‘office’. 


6 – Try Not to Multitask

It’s easy to see the period that you are working from home as a time to catch up on chores and DIY.

And there’s nothing wrong with that – but don’t let them distract you from being productive.


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You wouldn’t be doing them if you were at work or university,  so we suggest dividing your time up with a planner or notebook, leaving space for any unexpected changes in your week such as last-minute meetings. 


7 – Have Some ‘You’ Time


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Try to have at least half an hour a day away from technology and distractions, doing something you enjoy. Whether it is reading a book or having some pamper time, the aim is to focus on yourself to avoid WFH burnout. 

You can find a range of free eBooks in our new Reading From Home curated list which is available by clicking here. 


For more information about making the most of your library off-campus click here. 

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