#HallamBigRead19 – 5 minutes with Illustrator, Comedian and Mental Health Advocate Chris Sav aka Disappointman

We spoke to our first #HallamBigRead19 speaker Chris Sav about everything reading-related from the first book he read to why reading helps him – and how it could help you.





Name: Chris Sav

Age: 32

Location: London

Twitter: @Disappointman

Instagram: @disappointman



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What was the first book you remember reading? 

“A Goosebumps book about werewolves.

It really kickstarted my interest in horror stories and sparked an obsession with reading the next book in the series, which has led to a compulsion to constantly read books.



Why do you read? 

“I love immersing myself in stories and learning more about the things that interest me. I’m a big fan of well-constructed sentences and passages. Reading a particularly good one is almost like listening to a beautiful piece of music or artwork.”



How does reading help you? 

“It’s a form of escapism, especially when commuting in London – it helps me to block out the noise and stress of being in crowds.

It’s definitely a source of inspiration and sparks ideas for my own work. On a slightly more shallow note, reading gives me a sense of achievement as I know I’m making progress through the book in a tangible way, I can feel it gradually changing shape in my hands, which is weirdly satisfying.”



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What was the last book you read? 

“The last book I read was Paula Cocoza’s ‘How to be Human.’ It’s about a woman who, estranged from her ex-boyfriend and neighbours, finds an escape through befriending a fox.”



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What 5 books would you take to a desert island? 


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Dark Tales

by Shirley Jackson

A collection of creepy and wickedly funny stories.



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Reasons to Stay Alive

by Matt Haig 

A heartbreaking yet uplifting self-help book about how to survive mentally in the world today.







Dark Matter

by Michelle Paver

The scariest book I’ve ever read about a man haunted by something on an island during the dark winter. (Probably not the wisest one to read whilst alone on a desert island).







Trickster Makes This World

by Lewis Hyde 

A book about how tricksters have changed and subverted the creative field – a real inspiration for my own artistic practice.















by Stephen King

I haven’t read this yet but it’s on me ‘to read’ list and it’s really long so a desert island seems like the perfect place to finally delve into this horror classic.



To find out more about Chris Sav & his work visit https://chrissavartist.wordpress.com/

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