#HallamBigRead19 – 7 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Achievable

Its that time of year again where we promise to become the best version of ourselves by 2021 through ridiculously hard resolutions.

According to The Telegraph one quarter of people give up their resolutions after just one week.

If this is something you can relate to, or maybe you have already given up on yours, here are seven New Year’s Resolutions that you can actually achieve in 2020 with a bit of help from Hallam Library.

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1. Read More

Reading books other than the ones on your reading list may sound like a chore but did you know it could improve your essays?

One of the many benefits of reading is that it can improve your vocabulary by helping you to learn new words.

To start your new years resolution off why not pick up a free copy of #HallamBigRead19’s chosen book My Name is Leon from Adsett’s level 4 or from level 1 in Collegiate library?

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And if you’ve already read My Name is Leon you can find more books related to this amazing novel by Kit De Waal and the books that almost made the cut by clicking here.

2. Go Vegan

If the addition of a vegan Steakbake or VFC (Vegetarian Fried Chicken) hasn’t already tempted you to try a plant based lifestyle we have a selection of vegan cookbooks available here at Hallam Library and online via the SHU Library Gateway.

We recommend Vegan Bowl Attack and Ms. Cupcake: the naughtiest vegan cakes in town to help keep you on your vegan diet – and stop you caving and buying a full cake to yourself from Sainsburys (true story).

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3. Work on your Mental Health

Whether you have just started your journey to better mental health or have been actively working on it for months we have a range of resources available to help you on the SHU library gateway.

Our curated reading lists such as Books on Prescription and Wellbeing contain a variety of website links, books, audio books and more to help you and your mental well being.

And as part of #HallamBigRead19 Chris Sav, who is a contributor to men’s mental health charity CALM, will be holding a talk about how he uses creative outputs such as drawing to help his own mental health and how you can work on your own. The talk will be help on the 29th of January at 1430 – 1630 in Adsetts 6619 and you can secure your free tickets by clicking here.

And for more support during your time at Hallam visit the Student Wellbeing Service. 


4. Save More Money

If your bank account is always looking a little bleak and you’re constantly counting down the days til the your next student loan then this resolution could be the one for you.

One splurge item that Hallam Library can help you cut back on is magazines.

We have a range of the newest issues in Adsetts Library at the back of Level 5 as well as back issues for all your favourites on Level 2. Don’t be like Carrie Bradshaw, have money for dinner and read Vogue with a bit of help from Hallam Library.


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5. Order Less Takeaways

Given the option we know you would love to order a Deliveroo for every meal but sadly that isn’t an option (unless you extend your overdraft a little bit more) so why not learn to cook your favourite dish instead?

We’ve curated a handy little reading list of cookbooks available in the Library to help you begin your culinary journey and become the next Gordon Ramsay.

You can find Get Cooking with the Library! by clicking here.  

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6. Listen to More Audio Books

Did you know that exercisers who saved an audiobook for the gym worked out 51% more often than those who didn’t?

We’re currently enjoying listening to I,Robot by Isaac Asimov. You can find this audio book and many more by searching Audio Books in the Library on the SHU Library Gateway, or alternatively by clicking here. 


7. Learn a New Language

Being able to speak a second (or third) language looks great on your CV and can boost your creativity.

Apart from using Duolingo and other educational apps, regularly watching foreign films can also expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

We have a range of DVDs available in Adsetts Library on level 4 so why not change up your regular Netflix night in by borrowing one of the many foreign films from the library?

We recommend 2003’s multi award winning Goodbye Lenin! which you can reserve by clicking here. 


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