#HallamBigRead19 – Where do you read?

‘I can’t sleep Mum.
Try, she says.
‘I can’t. Can I have a story?’
Chapter 2, Page 10.
As you might have noticed – Leon loves stories!
We also love to relax with a good book, we find a cup of tea helps too…
So what we’d like to know this month is, where do you love to read?
Vote for your favourite place to read!
Take a photo of you reading in your favourite place and tag us on Instagram @HallamLibrary using #HallamBigRead19
You can also Tweet us @HallamLibrary using our hashtag #HallamBigRead19 to let us know your favourite place
You can let us know in the comments, or indeed via the poll on our Big Read LibGuide here
As well as our LibGuide, we also have our Big Read Reading List Online, which you can find here
This list includes a wide range of books, all of which  we have in our libraries, including some of Kit de Waal’s other works in case you’re curious!
However you like to read or de-stress let us know!