Online support for your wellbeing

Have you nearly finished at Uni for this year or are you planning to be away over the summer?

There’s a variety of resources available online at SHU that can help you manage stress, anxiety, low mood or other topics to improve your mental health. They include:

Big White Wall – available 24/7, free and anonymous, Big White Wall offers help if you’re down, anxious or not coping. As well as online peer support and professionally trained Wall Guides, you can find useful information to help you understand more about how you’re feeling or join guided support courses.

Wellbeing apps – free apps selected by the Students’ Union to monitor, manage or improve your wellbeing.

Help for a specific issue – an A-Z of topics with links to useful information and resources.

Need help urgently? – a list of contacts for urgent or out-of-hours help

Don’t forget that you don’t need to be on campus to get help for your wellbeing!