Working in the library at exam time

We know lots of you choose to study in the libraries at exam time as you find it one of the most conducive places,  so here are some of our do’s and dont’s  to ensure you make the most of your study time


  • have a wander round the floors to see where suits you best – there are a wide variety of study spaces and 5 floors to choose from!

  • think about studying out of peak hours if you like peace and quiet

  • book yourself a PC in the silent study room if you really need to concentrate

  • take breaks – but if that means chatting please move away to a more appropriate area

  • if others are being too noisy, please let staff on Reception know (they are available 24/7) – they are happy to recommend alternative workspaces for groups

  • make use of group rooms – however be aware that sound travels, they are not sound proof boxes

  • if you bring hot food into the library, please eat it in the café areas. It may smell delicious to you but others will disagree!


  • arrange to meet a group of friends on level 2 – it’s a quiet study floor and you can choose from levels 3, 4, 5 or 6

  • chat on level 2 – others will silently thank you for it!

  • answer your phone when working in silent or quiet study spaces

  • eat really noisy food – it’s surprising how irritating it can be to listen to someone eating a bag of crisps!