You say – can we have some toys for our kids!

We say…
For all you mum’s, dad’s, friends, minders and carers with kids – yes you can!
You’ve said there are times when you may need to bring your kids with you to the library. Our staff have kindly donated some pre-loved toys to help keep yours occupied.
Here’s the adult stuff…
  • the toy boxes are located near the library Reception Desks – please just ask!
  • there are toys for different age ranges – please be sure to choose suitable toys for your ‘little person’
  • the toys have been cleaned however there will be wipes in the toy box too
  • please let staff on Reception Desks know if you find any broken or damaged toys
  • and finally please keep the toys and the toy box away from walkways and other busy areas
Remember we also have a selection of children’s books that we put out during school holidays – you can ask for these at anytime too
We hope this helps!