You say… it can be difficult to borrow a laptop in the library

We say…
There are several other laptop lockers around both campuses. When you log in, you can access everything you would usually find on a University PC. These laptops have a three hour loan period.


Follow these steps to secure your laptop:
1. Swipe your SHU card against the card reader on the front of the locker.
2. Find your laptop in the indicated locker bay.
3. Return the laptop to the locker you got it from when you are finished.


You can find these laptop lockers in the following locations:
City Campus
Cantor Café
Cantor Level 2 (to the left of the lift)
Charles Street Ground Floor (near the lecture theatre)
Charles Street Level 2 (top of the stairs)
Charles Street Level 4 (outside room 12.4.09)
Owen Level 2 (Atrium)
The HUBS Level 1 (to right of the stairs)


Collegiate Campus
Heart of the Campus Ground Floor (next to the Granary Café)


How to return a laptop:
1. Swipe your SHUcard against the reader.
2. The display panel will indicate which bay the laptop came from, and automatically unlock the bay.
3. Open the locker and plug the laptop in, with the power supply side nearest the door.
4. Close the locker and the display will show that the loan has been cancelled.


Things to remember:
  • These laptops do not come with charging cables, so you wont need to find a plug socket.
  • You can use these laptops in any university building, however these building will be locked overnight. Generally, university buildings are open 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday and closed at weekends.
  • Late laptop returns will result in a fine.


To find out more about laptop loans click here