You say… more about the monitors in booths and bookable rooms

For example, if you book the space but don’t intend to use the PC in the room, you will need to login to ensure the booking system knows you have arrived and does not cancel your booking however, the pc will log you out if you have not used the PC for 30 mins even if you have video running. I think the issue is that then the room becomes free as the room booking system thinks that no one is using the space. There is a visual warning that the PC is about to log out but this can be missed. The student suggested an audio warning as then they could move the mouse and not be logged out and lose the room.
We say…
The 30 minute inactivity timeout in MyPC was brought in to address complaints that we used to get about people logging into a PC and then going off to lectures etc. and coming back later, basically reserving the space for themselves for the day. It is designed to free up the resource for others to use if somebody were to try and do this.
It is set at 30 minutes as this allows people time to go for a break or to eat etc. A box appears on screen which counts down from 30 minutes and this remains on the screen until it is acknowledged. We can see why an audio warning would be desirable but the booking system is not able to this presently and it would also be problematic for quiet/silent spaces.
Mostly this system works however we are having a rethink about the policy language and signage.