Stay safe with SHU Security Services

Our friendly Security Services staff are hosting a personal safety campaign and will be on hand to offer you advice and assistance.
We’ll be in Adsetts Library at City Campus and Collegiate library so come and speak to us with any questions, concerns or issues – we’ve got your back!
Monday 25th Feb – Friday 1st March
10am -12pm and 3pm – 5pm
In the meantime stay safe with our Top 5 Personal Safety tips
  • always be vigilant and assess your surroundings. Carry as little as possible and only take with you what you need
  • when walking stick to well-lit busy routes. Avoid short cuts and dark alleys
  • keep bags closed, zipped up and buckled. Se especially vigilant with rucksacks. If someone grabs it, let it go, items can usually be replaced
  • don’t bury your head in your phone. Walk with confidence and purpose
  • if something does happen, report it to the police on 101, online or in an emergency contact 999. You can also report incidents to SHU Security Services on  0114 2252000 as this might prevent a recurrence

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