Who is St. Valentine?

Who is St. Valentine and what has he got to do with paper hearts?
Well the short answer is that nobody really knows!  But here are some theories
  • Valentine (or Valentinus) lived in ancient Rome around 200 AD and was probably a priest, maybe even a bishop.  The 3rd century wasn’t a great time to be a Christian in Rome, there was wide spread persecution and helping Christians was a crime.
  • But legend has it that Valentinus secretly married Christian couples so that the husbands didn’t have to go to war (that was a problem as soldiers were pretty sparse at the time).
  • Another possibility is that Valentinus used parchment to cut out hearts and send them to soldiers and persecuted Christians – the origin of the use of hearts of Valentines day?
  • Sadly Valentinus was found out and imprisoned but even in jail the legends continue.  It is thought that through the prayers of Valentine the jailers daughter was healed from her blindness, on the day of his execution Valentinus left her note that was signed ‘from your Valentine’ – the first Valentine card?
However the day came about and whatever you are doing today, I hope that this Valentine’s Day this year is full of happiness and love from your friends and family.