Pause to Ponder

Let nature be your teacher.  Let your senses be your guide.

Today I learnt of the death of a wise and caring priest – Daniel O’Leary.  Daniel was one of those people who had a calming presence as soon as he entered a room and had much to share about the goodness of people and the grace of God.  Many of the reflections that I write on this blog come from Daniel’s book the Happiness Habit, he was and still is an inspiration to see the good in the world, in the people around us and in ourselves.

Here is an extract from the Happiness Habit

“Your senses are sacred.  When you are mindful of them they bring you deeper experiences than ever before.  When you listen carefully, you can hear the silent music beneath the noisy distractions of the day; when you touch someone compassionately, you bless them and yourself with many graces.  Let nature be your teacher.  Simply by watching the sea, the sky, each morning’s miracles, the play of darkness and light, you know you belong to something bigger.  Let your senses teach you that nature is the first bible.  In the turning of the seasons, in the waxing and waning of each day, nature’s allure catches for you, reveals to you, and stirs within you the strains and traces of an Astonishing Love.”