The Library’s exhibition about comics, cartoons, graphic novels, and picture books – has come to an end

although the Meanwhile, Back in the Library exhibition website will remain. All the fabulous comics from the exhibition are still available in the libraries to read and borrow. We have a fantastic and diverse comics collection, ranging from classic titles to new authors, from personal memoirs to superheroics. Many of the comics are shelved at 741.5 on Level 5 Adsetts; but you will find comics distributed throughout the libraries at different shelf marks, according to their subject matter. The best way to find them is to use the Meanwhile, Back in the Library reading list online, which can be found here.
So whether you want to use comics to improve literacy, get into your subject with academic comics, learn how to draw, brush up on your game design, or just do a little recreational reading with The Sandman, then the Library has it covered!
Just to add, we love books; we are always looking for new publications to support your learning and teaching, and to keep the library collections up to date with high-quality materials.  If you think we’re missing something crucial, please let us know
That’s all folks!
Now, pass me The Witcher: Volume 3: Curse of Crows!