You say… can we have a child friendly area

You say…
Could the Library have a quick access area for parents/carers to quickly check emails or print that would include a space for children? It can be stressful / difficult coming to the Library if you have young children. Could we have an area (possibly with a selection of toys (could be donated by other parents)), for children to use in this space?
We say…
We know it can be a challenge to use the library with children in tow but unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to provide a space for them with a selection of toys as suggested. This has health and safety implications as we would need to ensure the toys were kept clean and in good condition to avoid injuries.
However during vacation times when school age children are more likely to be in the library we do provide books an colouring pens and paper. We will see if a selection of these can be kept at Reception all year round for anyone who may find this helpful.
And in the meantime a lot of library activities can be done from home via the Library Gateway or via SHUgo