You say… Heating is a problem in Adsetts.

Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold! Thermostats are often broken
We say…
Getting the heating right for everyone is like a never ending story as we all prefer different temperatures and especially at this time of the year when the temperature outside plays a part too! 
Radiators are fitted with thermostats as ‘standard’ however the heating in the library is controlled centrally within the university. Changing the thermostats in the library has no impact on the heating.
Also Adsetts is an open plan building and hot air rises, so generally levels 4, 5 and 6 tend to be warmer while levels 2 and 3 are cooler so it’s worth having a walk round to see where suits you best.
If you are really uncomfortable, too hot or too cold, please let our Reception Desk staff know so they can report any specific issues. They’re open 24/7.