Meanwhile back in the library

This week’s picks:  17th December 2018

As the Christmas holidays approach at Meanwhile, Back in the Library, what could be more festive than not one, but two, stories of being in your mid-twenties, unemployed and facing a massive personal crisis, namely and respectively eviction and looking after a dying father (don’t worry: both tales are jollier than that sounds!). And while we’re being seasonal, we also bring you a figure dressed all in red, who roams the rooftops looking to find out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice: yes, here comes Daredevil!

Meanwhile, Back in the Library is an exhibition about comics, graphic novels and cartooning: every week, our librarians will suggest three picks from the many comics in the library.

This week’s picks are:

Saving Grace  by Grace Wilson

Grace is her mid-twenties and worried that her life is going nowhere: her art degree has only lead to a boring, poorly-paid retail job; she’s being evicted from her shared house; her former housemates are scattering to the winds; the world is going to hell; and misogynists, racists and idiots abound all around her. Despite what could be rather grim subject matter, this is a funny look at how life can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when you still have a lot to prove ; but also how quickly a slight change in circumstances and perspective can make everything seem alright again.

Things to Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park* *When You’re 29 and Unemployed by Aneurin Wright

Finding himself out of work- an occupational hazard for an illustrator and animator- Aneurin Wright ended up crossing the country to help care for his father Neil, who is dying of emphysema. With a distinctive palette of blue, red and grey, this series of short comics make smart and moving use of visual metaphors- Aneurin being portrayed as a bull and Neil as a rhino tells you everything about their difficult relationship, for example- and cover many aspects of living around terminal illness, from the nuts-and-bolts of managing end-of-life care, to more symbolic accounts of the emotional impact on all involved.

Daredevil: the Man without Fear by Frank Miller & John Romita

The acrobatic, blind superhero Daredevil is closely associated with Frank Miller, who had a long, influential run as writer/artist on the title: in this miniseries, alongside the artist John Romita Jr, Miller revisits the character, re-telling the story of Daredevil’s early years, adding some trademark hard-boiled touches to the Man without Fear’s origins and first encounters with Elektra and the Kingpin.

You can find more comics and graphic novels in stock at Sheffield Hallam on our exhibition reading list.