What’s available in the libraries over the Christmas holidays?

If you’re staying in Sheffield over the Christmas holidays here’s what you need to know about the libraries
Adsetts library is open 24/7 throughout the Christmas period except 8am – 10am on the 27th December when it’s closed for essential maintenance work on the high voltage power supply
Collegiate library is open 24/7 throughout the Christmas period
Remember to bring your SHUcard with you, you’ll need it at the entrance of both libraries and also at the exit gates in Adsetts and overnight access via Arundel Gate
Hot water in café areas
You don’t need to buy hot drinks, remember free hot water is available in both library café areas. Just bring your mug!
Microwaves in café areas
You can enjoy hot food in the library when you bring your own and heat it up. Please eat your hot food in the café areas as no matter how great you think it may smell, others will disagree!
Water fountains
There are water fountains on each floor
Warmer and cooler study spaces
Both libraries can fluctuate in temperature as Adsetts is open plan and Collegiate library is a series of rooms.
If you’re too warm or too cold try moving to a different area, room or floor. If there’s an issue report it to the library Reception desks which are open 24hrs
Prayer rooms
There’s an out of hours prayer room in Adsetts, if you’d like to use it just ask at the library Reception desk for the key.
Reception desks
These are staffed 24/7 throughout the vacation. If you need to report any issues or just fancy a chat – go and see them!
Happy Holidays!