Your different views on library know how

‘the library offers so much but on the assumption that students know everything. A lot about the library is not explained to us’
‘I learnt everything I needed to know about the library and how to use it the first week I was at SHU’
We say…
We know that for various reasons not all of you have library induction sessions and there is so much to tell you! So here are some tips for getting to know about the services that can help you
  • come and have a walk round your library and get see the different spaces you can study
  • follow @HallamLibrary on Twitter for all the latest news
  • There’s a help page on the Library Gateway


  • There’s a guide to making the most of the Library Gateway


  • There’s lots of information about the library for students



  • and frequently asked questions



  • you can also watch an Introduction to the library video


And remember to come and ask us – no  question is a silly one!