you say… requesting books can be confusing

You’ve told us that you’re confused about why you can’t request available items (books) to be picked up at the same campus.
We say…
The aim of the request service is to allow students to request books that are out on loan. So when you request a book that’s on loan, the reader who has it can not renew it, they have to return it by a certain date. This ensures popular books are kept in circulation for everyone to use.
Depending which campus your course is based at we’re happy for you to request an ‘available’ book from either Collegiate or Adsetts and send it to ‘your’ library.
If you are based at City campus and a book is showing as ‘available’ in Adsetts, the quickest way to get this is to collect it from the shelf and the same goes if you are based at Collegiate and books in the library are’available’.
There are some exceptions to this, for example if you qualify for extended loans and if you can’t find the book you’re looking for on the shelf, please visit the Helpdesk so that we can help you.