How to find a book on the shelf

There’s no dark art to finding books on the shelves you just need to know what you’re looking for!
1. Use keywords on Library Search to locate your topic

2. See results


3. Check the location details and look to see if there are copies available – if they are all out on loan, ‘request’ it


4. Make a note or take a photo of the details before you go to the shelf


5. Are you in the right library? If you are in Adsetts and the book is in the Collegiate library (or vice versa) you can ‘request’ it to be transferred



6. Are you on the right floor, check to see which level the book is on. At Adsetts it could be on levels  2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. At Collegiate all the books are on the 1st floor


7. The books are arranged numerically on every shelf. The numbers on the shelf ends are a guide to which aisle you’ll find the book



8. You’ll also need to know the letters that follow the numbers. There may be lots of books at the same number so use the letters to find the book you want. The letters are arranged alphabetically after the number and are often the first two letters of the authors last name.


Books can get put back in the wrong place so it’s always worth checking a few numbers around the one you’re looking for
If you can’t find the book – we can help you. Visit the Helpdesk or get in touch to tell us what you’re looking for, we can search the shelves, request a copy for you or make books ‘missing’ and re-order where possible