Booked a group room or PC? You’ve got 15 minutes…

…to arrive and get logged into the PC before the booking is cancelled. Remember if you’ve booked a group room or booth the person who made the booking needs to be the one to login into the PC. This allows the system to recognise the booking.
So what happens after 15 minutes?
Well, if no one logs into the PC within the first 15 minutes of the booked time, the booking system assumes you’re not coming and automatically cancels your booking. In turn this allows someone else to book it.
If you don’t use booked PC for a period of 30 minutes, the booking system will again automatically cancel the booking, releasing it for someone else.
For full details see the Logging in and out information here on MyHallam
These measures were introduced as a result of student comments about students either not turning up for their bookings or leaving PCs unused for long periods of time when others need them.