You say… when the library is busy, it can be hard finding a place to study

We say…
We know it’s not always easy to find a place to study and the libraries can get very busy during daytime peak hours as well as specific times of the academic year such as assignment deadlines and exams
Here are some ideas to help you make the best use of the space across the university and use your time to the best advantage
  • Use Find a free PC to search for a free PC where you are. Just select City or Collegiate campus, then view either the building you’re currently in or would like to study in. There’s more information here
  • Borrow a laptop, there are various options both in the libraries and across the campus
  • Book it – you can book standard PCs, Specialist Software PCs, group meeting rooms and large tables (booths)
  • What time are you studying? Peak periods in the libraries are 11am to 4pm/5pm so you may prefer to study when it’s quieter
  • If you bring your own laptop, tablet etc look out for plug sockets in furniture in social spaces, cafes and libraries – other students will thank you for not sitting in front of a PC with your laptop
Get to know your options!