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Introduction to Research Planning & Writing your Research Proposal
New to research? This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of planning a research project. This session provides an opportunity to define your research question and to begin to plan the structure of a successful research project. Not sure what makes an effective research proposal? In this session, you will build your knowledge and develop your understanding of research proposals. The workshop covers research aims, methodological approaches, ethics and research timescales for you to apply to your project.
How to Read Journal Articles & Critical Reading
These reading workshops have everything you need to develop your confidence & skills in reading for academic study. Not sure where to start with your reading? The critical reading workshop covers practical strategies and hands-on practice for evaluating sources, taking effective notes while reading, and integrating evidence into your writing. Want to feel confident critiquing articles? The journal article workshop covers effective strategies and practical tips for reading and deconstructing journal articles.
Writefest 2018
In partnership with University of Sheffield & the Doctoral School, we will run a range of events including retreats, cafes, and PGR writing labs to make progress on writing in a sociable and supportive environment. For further details & bookings please visit The Skills Centre
Forums on Assignment Planning, Writing, Reading & Dissertations
Want to apply academic skills to your own work with an advisor? In this small group of up to four students you will be able to share and discuss your work and develop & apply new strategies immediately.
Exams & Revision, Making the Most of Lectures – Preparing for Revision
Want to get the most out of your lectures? These sessions will allow you to develop effective strategies for notetaking, and apply this to note making for revision. Our Exams & Revision workshop will give you top tips to approaching exams successfully.
Same day appointments
Same day 20 minute appointments allow you book to speak to an advisor. These sessions are offered daily at both campuses & over the phone & are bookable on unihub.  Learning Advisors will be available to talk through urgent queries & direct you to find an appropriate solution and resources.  We can book you directly onto the session that’s right for you. These appointments are ideal for students who want advice on where to go next or what they need to do to develop their academic work.
For bookings please visit The Skills Centre